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Special designed rheometer for silicon rubber testing.
Pneumatic Cutter



  1. Dimension : 835 (H) x 390 (L) x 420 mm (W)
  2. Electric Power : AC22010%, 50 / 60Hz +3Hz, 7A, Single phase.(Or discretionary at user's pleasure)
  3. Air Pressure Suppey : 65Psi or 4.5kg / cm2 (Air-compressor is to be user's own equipment)
  4. Net Weight : approx. 110kg


  1. Two stages mode
    a. One stage mode is used to prepare specimen for Mooney Viscometer and Tensile Tester. (To be used along with mooney viscometer cutter or tensile tester cutter.)
    b. Two stage mode is used to prepare specimen for rheometer. By using unquie rheometer specimen cutter, user can obtain specimen with the same volume. (From the same compound)
  2. Standard air pressure is 4.5kg / cm2, it can be adjusted accordingly to the maximum of 10kg / cm2