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  1. Manufacturing in compliance with ASTM F414/F870, ISO 1019 1/10454, and JIS D4230.
  2. Applied: good for motorcycle, passenger car tyre, light truck tyre, and heavy truck tyre.
  3. Maximum load capacity of 10 ton for plunger/vertical stiffness test.
  4. Test type: Plunger test, bead unseating test, vertical stiffness test, lateral stiffness test, bevel stiffness test, footprint analysis, dimension measurement, envelop stiffness test, torsion test, inflation pressure test, and static stiffness test.
  5. Dynamic showing test values at the selected point on any curve.
  6. Storage of test curves and data which can be exported to Excel, PDF....., etc format.
  7. Providing with plunger energy, strain, force, testing time, bead unseating force, average of plunger energy.....etc.
  8. UP-2092 is a highly honored model which has been used by world famous tyre manufactures and National Rubber Tire Ouality Inspection Center(Government Organization) inspecting imported tyres before entering, into China market.


Tyre Plunger Testing System 
1.Manufacturing in compliance with ASTM F414/F870, ISO 1019 1/10454, and JIS D4230.