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Rubber and Plastic Electronic Densimeter has the function of water temperature and solution compensation setting, more humanized operation, conforming to the on-site demand. 

Rubber and Plastic Electronic Densimeter has the RS-232 interface, can be connected to PC and printer easily

By adopting the design of big tank, it can decrease the inaccuracy caused by supporting wire’s buoyancy.


Rubber and Plastic Electronic Densimeter In accordance with GB/T 533, T1033, ISO 2781, 1183, DIN 53479, ASTM D 297, D792, standards, and by adopting the buoyancy method of Archimedean principle, the machine can accurately and directly show the density of sample.

Electronic Densimeter 
1.ASTM,ISO,DIN,ect standards. 
2.Easy operation 
3.RS232 connect computer/priter